Proposed designation of a Charles North CHAP district

The Charles North Community Association needs your input on the proposed designation of a Charles North CHAP district.  The CNCA’s URP/CHAP committee has worked hard to craft a CHAP district unlike any other, in that it both preserves historic buildings and encourages dynamic new development and artistic expression.  The City’s CHAP Commission is enthusiastic about our approach, citing our proposal as a model for all CHAP districts going forward.

We need your input on this proposal in order for us to understand if we should move forward with CHAP legislation.  It would have a large effect on the rehabilitation standards of properties in our community. Please download and read the information below about what CHAP means to our community.


CHAP Rules and Regulations

CHAP Design Guidelines

Charles North CHAP District Guidelines Summary

URP Project Review Process

Draft of Artistic Expression Provisions

Flow Chart for Major Work

Flow Chart for Minor Work