The Charles North Community Association represents the interests of residents and businesses who call Charles North home.  The Association focuses on a wide range of issues including: advocating appropriate land use and zoning within the community; addressing safety, sanitation, traffic and other quality of life issues; developing and supporting neighborhood amenities and beautification;  distilling, addressing and escalating community concerns to City and State officials; supporting the arts and entertainment; sponsoring and/or supporting community-oriented events; and attracting and encouraging investment in the community.
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David Lapides


Mike Shecter


John Gasser


David Lapides

Business Committee Chair

Carolyn Frenkil

Chair of The Commercial Development Committee

Don Donahue

Chair of The Communications Committee

Colleen Stanley

Resident Committee Chair

Stephen Deets

Resident Committee Co-Chair

Mac MacLure

Midtown Benefits District Liaison

Peter Duvall

Code Enforcement Advisor

Dennis Richter

Board Member

Brenda Couser

Board Member

Alan Mlinarchik

Board Member


The purpose of the CNCA shall be to guarantee active, area-wide citizen participation in the development and implementation of plans, in concert with municipal, state, and federal authorities, to maintain, develop, renovate, and rehabilitate, the area within its boundaries and to provide for the continuation, on an orderly basis, of diverse uses of land and structures.

In 2008, the Charles North Vision Plan was finalized and formally endorsed by Mayor Sheila Dixon, identifying a 30 year timetable to transform Charles North into “a regional crossroads of culture.” One of our goals is to see that vision come to life. 

Today, the Charles North neighborhood continues to grow and evolve as a central hub for Baltimore’s residents. The CNCA hopes to continue fostering this growth by building a community coalition of residents who are vocal about the changes they’d like to see, the issues they want addressed, and the direction they want to see the neighborhood head in.  


Charles North Vision Plan

The Charles North Vision Plan is directive to help the community grow into Baltimore's hub for arts and culture. Read the details of the plan below.

Urban Renewal Plan

This plan details how the city of Baltimore is working to help revitalize the Charles North community, addressing things like vacancies.

Charles North CHAP District

The Commission for Historical and Architectural Preservation (CHAP) was established in 1964. CNCA works with CHAP to preserve and maintain our historic buildings.


Additional Resources

Get info on our community partners, neighboring associations, and city and state resources.

Bylaws and Structure

Get info on our community partners, neighboring associations, and city and state resources.